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Pipeline construction and piping systems


Pipeline construction in industrial installations is an important focus of our activity.

We install and manufacture all piping and systems in facilities of various industries such as e.g. Water and power plants or also sewage and disposal plants.
Whether with our own or with the material you have, we are your reliable partner. We offer our complete range of services both in Germany and abroad for you and pay particular attention to punctual execution with a high quality standard.
On the materials provided by us and used such. We grant you a guarantee for pipes, containers, fittings and more.

Our installers work to monitor and comply with safety regulations. We assemble piping according to given DIN standards. Our employees have many years of professional experience in the field of ISO piping devices.
Our company is also active in the field of plant construction. We manufacture piping systems in industrial plant construction such as. at waste incineration plants, sewage treatment plants, chemical plants and power plants. Our technicians bring with them the experience of laying and welding the pipelines.

GRP piping systems

GRP pipes are particularly lightweight and have a high strength and temperature resistance. This makes them particularly resistant to chemical substances. GRP pipes come e.g. often used in the transport of acids and alkalis in the chemical industry.
A GRP piping system offers an excellent alternative to traditional and more expensive metal alloys and steel tubes. The reason for this are the special properties of the GRP: high corrosion and dimensional stability, extreme temperature resistance and pressure resistance.
Our standard 25 to 1200 mm diameter GRP piping systems are optimized for use in industrial plants and are assembled to the highest standards and standards by our experienced staff. Of course, we always stick to the WHG during assembly and maintenance.

Composite piping systems

For products and substances that can not be transported with conventional GRP pipes, we offer composite piping systems. These pipes are lined with special heat- or cold-resistant materials that protect against special conditions. As a result, the composite piping systems can also be used in very hot or corrosive environments without major risks.
We also have the opportunity to respond to a variety of requirements and produce composite pipes for different applications and conditions.


Since we manufacture and optimize your GFRP piping systems with different properties and for various applications, they can be used effectively in different environments. We manufacture piping systems specifically for waste incineration plants, sewage treatment plants, chemical plants and power plants. Our piping systems are used in various applications:

  • chemical industry
  • wastewater technology
  • waste recycling
  • plant construction
  • General pipeline construction
  • Power and telecommunications trunking
  • transport technology
  • Penstocks
  • Power plant construction



For the GRP piping system, we also manufacture the matching and durable brackets, mounting systems and GRP fittings (fittings). These include various flanges, bends and T-pieces which we also produce from GRP and perfectly complement the piping system. Because the fittings we make are also made of GRP they are just as resilient and suitable for the chemical and plant engineering industries as our GRP piping systems.

Our GRP fittings can also be made as composite pieces and thus offer the same robust properties as our composite piping systems. This enables us to produce your fittings with various specialty resins and thermoplastic layers in such a way that they are particularly weather- and temperature-resistant and at the same time have a low weight.

In addition to our series-produced fittings, we also offer individual pieces, which we produce with the same professionalism and of course with exact fitting accuracy matched to your piping systems. We can respond to your individual needs and make the right parts with the appropriate properties.

Maintenance and service

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the smooth functioning of your GRP pipe system. We not only take over the manufacture and assembly of your industrial plants and pipe systems, but also support you in commissioning them. Our experienced fitters can quickly remedy maintenance and repairs to your GRP piping systems. We can tailor-made to your specific requirements and implement them professionally and after reviewing the WHG.

You also have the option to expand and upgrade your systems later. In many cases your plants can increase their productivity through our GRP pipes and GRP fittings and with less effort.

We offer the following maintenance and services:

  • Design and construction
  • installations
  • Check according to WHG
  • GRP repairs of every kind
  • Spare parts production and delivery
  • Renovation of GRP parts
  • Assembly
  • Individual pipe adaptation
  • Extension of your industrial plant
  • Disassembly / transport / reassembly
  • corrosion protection
  • tank installation

Further services for the rehabilitation and expansion of industrial plants can be found here.ier.



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